We provide tree trimming services for both residential and commercial properties in Brevard County.

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Merritt Island Tree Trimming

We are licensed and insured for tree trimming services. We trim all sizes and types of trees, including palm trees, fruit trees, cypress, maple, and more.


At 1 Tree Expert, we have been working with the trees in the Brevard County, FL area for three decades, so we are experts in determining the proper trimming schedule for all types and sizes of trees, including palm trees, Live Oaks, Maples, Slash pines, Citrus, Loquats, Crape-Myrtles, Plumeria, and Buttonbush. 

Why Do You Need Tree Trimming Services?

  • Improves the health of your tree by removing dead or dying branches. Removing these branches will reduce the risk of them falling, causing damage to your property or injury to you or your family.

  • Trimming dead or dying branches will help to prevent decay and frees up more nutrients to flow to the healthy area of your trees. Dead and dying branches will sap up valuable resources and need to be trimmed.

  • A routine trimming schedule maintains the tree's structure and shape, ensuring your tree stays healthy and is positioned to absorb the most nutrients possible.

  • Keeping your trees trimmed will increase the sun's exposure and air circulation, improving the overall health of your trees.

  • Trimming or pruning fruit trees can increase the size and quality of the fruit. This should be done in the late winter to help shape the tree and expose the center of the tree to sunlight.

  • Recently planted trees should be trimmed to begin training the tree for shape and fullness.

  • Trimming your trees also makes your property appear maintained and beautiful.

Are you in need of tree trimming services?

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